The Prizes Award Ceremony took place in the Council Chamber of the City of Beaconsfield, June 7th, 2010, at 7 p.m.

It was followed by a cocktail in the media room of the Beaconsfield library with a visit of the exhibition of Antique and Vintage Toys “Return to Childhood”.

We were privileged in having former Beaconsfield resident, Astronaut Dave Williams, as our special guest. He addressed the students, their families and school staff through a telephone conference.

List of winners:

Beaconsfield High School:

Houston B. Rifai: Renate Heidersdorf

        High School outside of Beaconsfield:

Claire Kapusta, Collège St-Louis: Here comes the train

Beacon Hill Elementary School:

1st: Siân Desparois: The History of Beacon Hill Pool

École primaire Beaconsfield:

1st: Geneviève Lacoursière, Christina Wang and Yawan Xu : Le Centre récréatif de Beaconsfield 

2nd: Erik Bonhomme and Kevin Masseau : La flamme olympique

Christmas Park Elementary School:

1st: Lily LeCouvie-Nantel: Dave Williams

2nd: Sean Smith and Tim Bajohr: Beaconsfield 100 - 3 Historical Places in Beaconsfield

3rd: Kalia Rokov: The Hub

St-Edmund Elementary School:

1st: Lily Strickland: Mayor Edwin M. Briggs

2nd: Michael Harries: Arne Aargaard 1918-2004

3rd: Juliana Classen: 1 Kirkwood Avenue

École primaire St-Rémi:

               1st: Amandine Blackman and Élisabeth Quesnel : Beaconsfield – D’hier à aujourd’hui


The prize for the best of the best chosen from all entries was shared between

Claire Kapusta and

Houston B. Rifai


Schools receiving a prize for having submitted a minimum of 5 entries:

École primaire Christmas Park

École primaire St-Edmund





This contest was open to all students of grades 5 and 6 at the elementary level and all students at the high school level, who resided in Beaconsfield or who attended a school in Beaconsfield.