Prizes Award Ceremony:  Thursday, April 26, 2012, at the Herb Linder Annex, at 7 p.m.

The Roberta Angell Contest adult section had two very interesting presentations, one by Francine Ranger-Smith on Dowker Island and another by Jane Marcuse tying in with our earlier work in trying to save the Trend House. There was a good number of primary school contestants and a consistent presentation of excellent work at the secondary level.

List of winners:


1st: Francine Ranger-Smith: Dowker Island (Illustration 1, Illustration 2)

2nd: Jane Marcuse: The Montreal Trend House

High School:

Claire Kapusta, Collège St-Louis: Remarkable Beaconsfield Residents: Madeleine-Ann Aksich and Michael Meaney

Christmas Park Elementary School:

1st: Haylee Rokov: Douglas Thomas Anakin

2nd: Kaitlyn Rokov: Beaconsfield … What a wonderful place!

3rd: Thamsen Commier: Ben Walter

School Principal: Micheline Lincoln

Participating teachers: Mylaine Fournier, Celia Joslyn and Janelle Leblanc

École primaire St-Rémi:

1st: Alexandre Lloyd: Le Bois Angell

2nd: Julie-Anne Têtu: Maison Beaurepaire ou Amable Curot (ou Curote)

3rd: Ben Raymond: Un jour…

School Principal: Sandra Stocco

Participating teachers: Joanne Boisselle, Geneviève Cardinal, Isabelle Levac and Daniel Arsenault


The prize for the best of the best chosen from all entries at the elementary level:

 Haylee Rokov


The prize for the best of the best chosen from all entries at the secondary level:

 Claire Kapusta 


School receiving a prize for having submitted a minimum of 5 entries:

École primaire St-Rémi




This contest was open to all students of grades 5 and 6 at the elementary level and all students at the high school level, who resided in Beaconsfield or who attended a school in Beaconsfield.


The adult section was for residents of Beaconsfield, 18 years or older.